At LG Pictures, a video production company based in Austin, TX, we specialize in entrepreneurial storytelling and brand development. We work closely with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations to bring their video ideas to life and connect with target audiences. Our goal is to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and create great brands. With 18 years of experience and over 1,200 videos, television shows, and multimedia products produced for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies, cable TV networks, online networks, universities, small businesses, and non-profits under our belt, we have the expertise to help you achieve your business goals.


Our client list includes a diverse range of well-known companies such as Dell, Microsoft, SXSW, Lean In, Lifeway Foods, CNBC, and Entrepreneur Magazine. We are proud to have earned their trust in creating compelling video and animated content for their business needs. Additional corporations and organizations we have worked with &/or filmed their founders and executives include:


At LG Pictures, we understand the importance of deliverables in video production. That's why we specialize in founder and brand storytelling, as well as explainer videos, to ensure that our clients receive a high-quality end-product when the engagement is completed. With nearly 2 decades of experience and over 1,000 deliverables under our belt, we have a wide range of capabilities to offer that include the following:

  • Brand Story, Brand Anthem & Branded Films
  • Founder Stories & Executive Profile Videos
  • Customer Profile & Testimonials
  • Promotional Trailers, Speaker Reels & Sizzle Videos
  • Social Proof & Brand Marketing Videos
  • Animated Company & Product Explainer Videos
  • Documentary Style Shorts & Short Films
  • Social Media Video Series & Vignettes
  • Corporate Event Keynotes & Event Hi-light Videos


  • Entrepreneur Magazine - Produced a video for the publication that became their most watched video ever.
  • Salesforce - Produced a video for a Silicon Valley startup helped them get acquired by one of the largest enterprise software companies for 9-figures.
  • Fortune 500 - Produced for a Fortune 500 company helped win them an award as the #1 Sustainability company in America.
  • CNBC - Created and produced the network’s 1st primetime TV series ever, American Made, that got over 10 million viewers that first seasons and laid the foundation for original programming they still use today. Full Season (Director, Co-Producer, Field Producer, Co-Creator) Networks 1st Original Content.
  • CPG Startups - Produced videos for a 2 startup CPG companies that played a key part in both entities getting acquired for 9-figures each.
  • Dell – Produced an 100-video segment Entrepreneur Series for the Dell Entrepreneur-in-Residence & Center for Entrepreneurs.
  • President Obama – Produced the T4O Innovator Series that included 120 videos featuring 24 Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Technology Influencers.
  • Conscious Capitalism – Produce the Keynote Speaker Series for their yearly CEO Summit for 10+ years.
  • Dell – Produced the Sustainability Team ‘Powering the Possible’ Series that included 7 videos (4 Motion Graphic Animated Videos & 3 Brand Videos).
  • Nestle/Sweet Leaf Tea – Created and produced their Online TV Channel that consisted of 60 Videos for an online TV Channel called SWEET LEAF TV in addition to corporate videos.
  • Microsoft Real People Series – Produced a 4-Part Executive Video Series for COO of Microsoft (Director, Producer) featuring ABC Extreme Makeover Family, Turkey Entrepreneur, South African Non-Profit & Ireland/Laos Startup.
  • SXSW – Road to SXSW Series – Produced 25 episode series featuring interviews with speakers and attendees.
  • Microsoft – Produced the SB25 Video Series that included 25 vignettes of business owners in 10 industries that helped increase unique visitors from 1M to 2M.
  • Microsoft – Produced their Technology Makeover Competition that included 4 Videos of teams competing for $50,000 tech prize complimented by live videos shot at event.
  • Club E Network – Created 25 episode Entrepreneur Series and brand anthem video.
  • Moot Corp – Produced a 6 part documentary series featuring the largest business plan competition in the world.
  • Credit Unions – Produce yearly videos for the Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC), Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN), Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA).


We pride ourselves on being a content production company that entrepreneurs and business executives turn to when they want to tell their story in a compelling and memorable way that drives business results and delivers a strong return on investment. Whether it's a brand video, a founder story, or an explainer video, we have the expertise to help you achieve your goals. #TrueStory